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WAVE mold of 4 ice cream sticks

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Rotho WAVE ice cream molds | Set of 4 ice cream molds

Summer, sunshine and refreshing ice - a recipe for a perfect vacation! Prepare a cool treat with us. You can easily prepare colorful ice in WAVE form.

  • 4 molds for homemade ice cream
  • with matching lid
  • can be frozen
  • dishwasher safe
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

Ice on a stick - for many people, a sweet treat is one of the most beautiful childhood memories. Thanks to the WAVE ice cream mold, you can make your summer dreams come true very easily and without an ice cream machine: the practical molds can be filled with fruit juices, yogurt, smoothies or fruit purees - after just a few hours you can enjoy the cool refreshment in the garden or on the balcony, on its own, but you can also simply combine them. Thanks to the tightly closing lid, your ice cream is always frozen and tasty. This way you always have delicious homemade snacks on hand, which are not only healthier than traditional supermarket ice cream. Your kids will also have fun while experimenting together in the kitchen!

Product features

The 4-piece ice cream set is made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic. The transparent shapes are simply combined with different colored lids with integrated handle inserts, and then you can freeze them and protect them from leaks. Using plug-in connections , the molds can be joined together, but they can also be placed individually in the freezer. After use, the containers can be washed in thedishwasher; thanks to the durable material without any deformation or scratching. Enjoy the best side of summer with WAVE ice cream molds!

Item number: 1708799998WS