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Waste separation system 25 l ALBULA

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ALBULA 25-litre waste recycling system - clever waste separation in the kitchen, bathroom and company

ALBULA is the name of a clever modular recycling system from Rotho that can be used in many areas. Whether in the kitchen or in the office, the segregation system with lid ensures that household waste can be easily segregated. The various plastic bins can be stacked easily, making them perfect for use in rooms with little space, too. And when not in use, you can simply stack the different bins one on top of the other. The handles also make it easy to transport the Rotho waste baskets. And they need to be cleaned after use, which can be done simply with water and washing-up liquid. Or you can simply put the innovative waste separation system in the dishwasher.

Various stickers provide an overview of the product

Thanks to Rotho's well-thought-out segregation system, you can see what should be disposed of in which waste bin. This is guaranteed by the stickers on the front of the lid, which are labelled with different prints. A quick glance at the waste bin and you know where the PET bottles go or which bin to throw the glass or paper bottles into. ALBULA is made of recycled plastic and impresses with its solid workmanship. The individual bins have a capacity of 25 litres. Thanks to the lid, Rotho litter bins can be easily closed. This allows you to make perfect use of the Rotho product in your kitchen, bathroom, office and business.

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