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Shaker Juice Squeezer Rotho LOFT 1 l

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Colour : Green mistletoe

LOFT mixer

This 5-in-1 kitchen appliance is absolutely versatile among shakers. Whether you are shaking, measuring, stirring or squeezing, everything is easy with this shaker. The measuring cup has different scales for measuring water, flour, rice and sugar. With the hand blender you can mix directly in the cup, and if you want to store something, the shaker can be easily closed with the supplied lid. It is also possible to practically store sauces, juices and smoothies in the refrigerator, the shaker fits perfectly into the side compartment of the refrigerator. Speaking of juices: with the citrus squeezer, delicious fruit juices can be prepared directly in the shaker and then stored. Thanks to the blender attachment, dressings and cocktails are beautifully creamy. An indispensable kitchen helper The container itself has an easy-to-read scale and is therefore ideal as a measuring cup. The lid closes the shaker securely, so you can easily store sauces and cakes. In addition, the lime squeezer or blender attachment can be placed on the cup, ensuring a clean and uncluttered kitchen. Measuring, mixing, pouring: all in one product.

Product Information:

  • Universal measuring cup with lid and caps made of high quality plastic (SAN/PP), BPA- Gratis
  • Includes citrus squeezer, blending cap, lid
  • It can be used, for example, for baking, cooking, pureeing, squeezing juice or as a pitcher
  • Large graduated cup for water, flour, rice and sugar
  • Capacity 1 liter - Available in different colors
Item number: 1043205092WS