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Box S 3 l SOFIA

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Colour : Anthracite

Designer storage box SOFIA

Lipstick, eyeglasses and even a credit card - you can conveniently store it all in the Rotho SOFIA tote. Whether it's safely tucked away in a plastic container or just quickly placed on the lid, this item always offers the optimal storage option. You can also stash recipe cards in the kitchen or keys in the hallway, or small packages of toiletries in Rotho boxes with lids.

Rotho SOFIA boxes for storing various products

Protect your valuables from dirt and dust. Gold and silver jewelry is in good hands when stored in a SOFIA storage box. You will also avoid searching for small accessories such as buttons, brooches or coins, if you use the lid of the box as a shelf, you can effectively hide some essential household items from prying eyes and keep them safe With a plastic box from Rotho, you have quick access to the items you need. With these Details, you can enjoy a functional daily companion at home and in the office:

  • Sturdy material - Enjoy the sturdy benefits of Rotho's high quality SOFIA plastic boxes. The thickened material not only protects your valuables from prying eyes, but also from falling or bumping.
  • Modern design - the design of this Rotho box is curved and almost organic. The 3-liter body can hold some office supplies, accessories and other items. If you look at the raised edges, you will see a beautiful decoration below.
  • Functional box - storage space is visible not only inside the plastic box. The designed lid also provides an additional level of capacity from which the watch, small coins and other products cannot fall. The SOFIA storage box in sand color also offers the possibility of stacking several boxes on top of each other.


SOFIA has this in mind

An ingenious feature of the SOFIA design box is that it can serve as a hiding place for cables and multiple plugs. If you simply rotate the lid 180° and put it back on the bottom of the box, a gap will appear on the side where cables can easily pass through. For example, you can put a multiple plug in there and charge mobile electronic devices, such as a cell phone, directly from the box. An ideal overall package both visually and functionally.

Item number: 1015808853WS