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MEMORY KIDS 1-litre drinking container

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Rotho MEMORY KIDS lunch boxes for food storage with preview of contents

If you want to give your charge dry provisions for a trip or pack something healthy for your child, use a Rotho snack box. There is nothing more unsightly than crumbled slices of bread soaked in tomatoes. Let the joy of healthy eating stay with your child. With a volume of one liter, a variety of fruits and vegetables will fit into the snack container. Fresh colors, green and blue, give your child a colorful addition to the trip.

Rotho lunch boxes open like a safe for tempting treats

Secure your kid's breakfast or snack in a box with a lid. The clip-on pack is also ideal for storing lunch. You can also put cookies or even yogurt and surprise your child when they open the snack box.

  • Secure closure - The lid of this snack box features a solid closure. This box thus safely seals the contents from the outside world. This also means that the product will not break due to shaking during play or falling.
  • Easy to use - the rounded corners of the boxes mean they can be used without danger. In addition, the clip on the lid of the container can be easily operated by a child.
  • Long-lasting use - Solid plastic protects snack boxes from breakage. In this way, the material also prevents the food from being adversely affected or the products inside from falling out. Even daily opening and closing of the approximately 1-liter Rotho box allows you to enjoy the quality of the Swiss brand for a long time.
Item number: 1017406161WS