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Box 6.4 l FRESH

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Colour : Lime green

Dynamic Box 6.4 L FRESH: Your fruits and vegetables will last longer

With the Dynamic Box 6,4 L FRESH, your fruits and vegetables will now stay fresh longer. The big advantage is that you can also store large quantities of fresh food here. Proper storage is especially important in summer, as it only takes a day or two for the fruit to spoil. The ventilation system and honeycomb structure provide a balanced humidity environment. The strainer basket is slightly raised so that air circulation works optimally. Fresh Filter System provides ethylene absorption. Fresh Filter Included. A set of 4 fresh filter cartridges is available separately in the store.

Save money with Dynamic Fresh Box

If fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life, you save money in the long run. because food does not spoil as quickly. The plastic from which the Fresh Box is made is free of BPA and harmful substances. To clean, put the parts in the dishwasher.

Item number: 1025705070WS