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Box 1.6 l FRESH

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Colour : Lime green

1.6 L FRESH container: This keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer

If you like fresh fruits and vegetables, then the Dynamic Box 1,6 L FRESH is the solution for you. Because the food will stay fresh longer and the flavors are preserved. The Dynamic Box with a capacity of 1.6 liters is not only suitable for use at home, but also for travel. The honeycomb structure and integrated ventilation system ensure ideal moisture conditions. The strainer basket is slightly raised so that air circulation works optimally. Another feature of the box is that ethylene is absorbed with the Fresh Filter System. This keeps the vegetables and fruits in the box fresher for longer. Fresh Filter included. A set of 4 Fresh Filter cartridges is available separately in the store.

Ideal for travel and at home

The advantage is that the container takes up little space in the refrigerator, and you no longer have to throw away the fruit, as it has a longer shelf life. This means you save money in the long run. The plastic of the container is non-toxic and BPA-free. Dishwasher washing is possible without any problems.

Item number: 1025605070WS