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Rotho FRESH 2.2l cereal flour sugar container

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Colour : Lime green

Rotho FRESH muesli container with a practical lid

Does the alarm clock always ring too early? Boxes of muesli from the FRESH line reliably lure even morning grumblers out of bed. Because the sight of delicious, fresh cereal guarantees a good mood. -Transparent container with lid,-Flap closure,-Dishwasher safe,-Food safe and BPA free,-High quality brand. Advantages and possible uses For many people, the day begins with their favorite muesli. To avoid an unpleasant awakening, the precious cereal should be carefully and tightly stored. Because moisture is the natural enemy of crunchy cornflakes, and in the worst case scenario, food moths will attack breakfast cereals. In the FRESH muesli container, cereal or food products such as flour and sugar are optimally protected and remain fresh for a long time. The material of the container makes it easy to keep track of supplies - you can see at a glance when to go shopping. Theclosing flap in the lid is particularly practical and simply snapsinto place in the open position. Portioning the muesli does not require removing the lid and there is less chance of spilling the precious flakes. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the container can be comfortably grasped with one hand.

Product features

FRESH muesli box is made of transparent plastic, which is obviously food safe and does not contain any substances harmful to health. The box is insulated against odor and hermetically sealed with a lid , so that the taste of the food is preserved. The lid has a practical opening for pouring - The flap locks securely in the open position and allows convenient emptying. The FRESH box is available in different sizes - all variants can be stacked for storage. Use the practical containers in your kitchen and enjoy fresh breakfast cereal every day!

Item number: 1021405070WS