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Microwaveable container 0.9 l MEMORY

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Color : Red papaya

Rotho MEMORY microwaveable container | Capacity 0.9 l | Microwaveable container with lid in matching color

Searching for the right cookware is a thing of the past - thanks to clever color and symbol identification, you'll find microwaveable containers and lids from the MEMORY line in no time. It saves time and nerves!

  • High quality box for microwave ovens
  • Lid with steam valve
  • Practical color coding of the box and lid
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • High brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

Microwave food ready in a few minutes, but looking for the right lid for twice as long? This can't happen with the MEMORY microwave container: the upper and lower parts not only match in color, but are also marked with the corresponding power symbol> Matching lid to the container at a glance. The two parts can be separated from each other - in the kitchen cabinet, the container can be stacked on top of each other to save space. With just two clicks, the lid settles on the container and seals it tightly. As the food cooks, steam escapes through the steam valve in the lid, and splashes of sauce remain reliably in the container - so there's nothing to clean up later. You can also safely clean the microwave boxes in the dishwasher after use without warping the high-quality plastic.

Product features

The MEMORY microwaveable container has a capacity of 0.9 l and comes with a lid that is tightly sealed. The lid has an integrated steam valve and is easy to use thanks to the latch. All containers and lids for microwave ovens of the MEMORY line are marked with a symbol, so you can immediately identify the matching parts. The sturdy plastic is, of course, food safe and does not emit any harmful substances, even when in contact with hot food. The microwave oven containers of the MEMORY line are available in a total of 10 sizes and various colors, which together provide a perfectly coordinated system.

Item number: 1128702792WS