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Organizer 11 - 15 l containers EVO

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Accessories for EVO EASY storage box

The EVO EASY container can be expanded with numerous accessories to make it even more versatile.


With a lid for the matching boxes, you can make much better use of them. The lid creates a seal at the top. This also protects the contents of the Rotho boxes from moisture and dirt, as they can no longer get into the boxes. Another advantage is that the storage boxes of the EVO EASY series can be stacked better and more securely. The transparent lid is also made of durable plastic, which is free of harmful substances.


Although the boxes are generally suitable for storing large items, they can be subdivided by means of inset baskets. Even smaller items will find their place in EVO EASY. The lid can also be used seamlessly when using the baskets.


If it needs to be even smaller, the organiser is the perfect choice. Small items such as screws, nails, coins, pens, jewellery, office supplies and much more will find their perfect place in the organiser. The organiser and the lid can be used at the same time.


The clips in a set of 2 are ideal for securely closing EVO plastic boxes. The use of both clips on the corresponding lid is recommended for increased protection of stored items from dirt, dust and moisture.

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