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Waste bin 2 x 10 l DUO

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Colour : Black

Rotho waste bin with sorting system

Is waste separation a difficult task for you? Rotho's two-part waste system guarantees efficient and hygienic waste disposal. The bucket is modern, eye-catching and helps you separate waste in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Waste basket with lid
  • including two dustbins
  • Opening by pedal
  • Rubber feet
  • High brand quality

Advantages and possible applications

A tidy system for your home, segregating trash is child's play. Whether in the kitchen, office or hobby room, Rotho's different-colored trash bins , recyclable trash is collected just as easily as the rest of your trash, ensuring a moresustainable life. Even when your hands are busy, the bucket can be easily opened with a foot pedal. Once filled, the lid closes tightly so that unpleasantodors don't escape.

Product features

With its modern design, it is an aestheticsolution for waste segregation. The two bins and the housing are made of environmentally friendly BPA-free plastic. The bucket is easy to clean and leaves no chance for fingerprints, dents and rust stains.

Choose a durable and clever Swiss brand quality waste separation system and separate your waste easily and hygienically with a Rotho system like never before!

Article number: 1760108080WS