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Microwaveable container for cooking eggs 0.45 L MEMORY MICROWAVE

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Color : Red papaya

Egg cooker container 0.45 L MEMORY MICROAVE: quickly prepare an egg.

The 0.45 L MEMORY MICROAVE egg cooker from Rotho is versatile if you want to prepare an egg quickly. It does not matter whether you want to prepare a fried egg or scrambled eggs. Because all variations are possible here. This means that you can boil or fry an egg the way you want, in a short time. without a pot or pan. To do this, put the egg in the container and prepare the egg in the microwave. Another advantage of the 0.45 L MEMORY MICROWAVE egg cooking container is that you can, take the prepared egg in the container with you, for later consumption.

Fashionable red papaya color

The microwave egg stove in a fashionable papaya color is immediately eye-catching, and brings a splash of color to your kitchen. The egg cooking container is the perfect solution for a one-person household if you like to eat eggs. Rotho's egg cooking container is dishwasher safe or hand washable.

Item number: 1025502792WS