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Funbox 1.05 l , 0.55 l FUN

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Color : Blue horizon

Rotho FUN lunch container with clip closure

FUN lunch container supports you in many areas of life. Because you can use it not only to transport your next meal, but also to store small items such as handicrafts - sewing utensils, pens, cosmetics or small tools.

  • blue box with clip closure
  • food safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • high quality Swiss brand

Advantages and areas of application

The FUN box is slightly transparent and allows you to see the contents. This allows you to immediately see what is inside. This not only makes it easier to store groceries, office supplies, writing utensils, small toys or tools, cosmetics or medicines on the go, but also reduces tiresome and time-consuming searching in the children's room, bathroom, workshop, kitchen or office. Since you can take the box with you anywhere to store small items, it is also ideal for travel.

Product features

A fun lunch box for storing all your stuff. Not only is it easy to put in your bag, but once opened it can also be stacked wonderfully, one on top of the other. Thanks to the practical clip closure, everything is safe. Of course, the box, whose capacity ranges from 0.4 to 3.95 liters, is food-safe, so it can also serve as a lunch container at school or for a snack at the office. In addition, the FUN lunch box is dishwasher safe.

Item number: 1711706161WS