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How to properly store beverages in the refrigerator

The FRESH jug provides order and clarity in any refrigerator. Because instead of several smaller cartons of juice and milk, you can store drinks in it. So that children can already see what's inside. On the other hand, you can also store water or homemade lemonade in the pitcher. The advantage is that you know exactly what is in the pitcher.

Product features

The shape of the FRESH jug is tall and slender. So there is no problem with storing it in the side compartment of the refrigerator. Capacity - 2 liters. Thanks to the stable handle, the jug fits well in the hand even when full and provides a firm grip. The refrigerator pitcher can be opened and closed by gently pressing the ergonomically shaped recess. It is also easy for children to use.

Item number: 1021305070WS