Our sustainability strategy: Zero waste vision

The objectives are clearly defined: By 2030, we want to offer only sustainable products and become a climate-neutral company. In 2022, we set an important course in this direction and defined the Zero Waste Vision.

Sustainability is central to our orientation and has been deeply embedded in our corporate culture since 1889.

Sustainable development

Pure plastic

For you. And our environment.

As customers, you have a huge choice of everyday items, but for yourself and your family you naturally want the best. Not only practical use and aesthetics are decisive, but also the absence of harmful substances and environmental safety.

Less waste

Thanks to the reusability and very long life of our products, you can save on packaging material. Our practical take-away food boxes allow you to take your lunch to the office in a convenient and environmentally friendly way, instead of carrying snacks in plastic films or disposable packaging from the supermarket. In this way, both the environment and your wallet get a little break. Our special airtight containers or those with air circulation preserve the freshness of even perishable foods, so that you can benefit even from leftover food. You no longer have to throw away so much food and can save valuable resources and energy. In addition, all our products are 100% recyclable and do not emit any poisonous gases or residues when burned. If you nevertheless come to say goodbye to a product, you can do so with a clear conscience.

Local production facilities

During long-distance transportation from overseas, large amounts of fuel are consumed and huge amounts of harmful substances are emitted. It is important to us that our Swiss production facility is located in the heart of Europe, and thus within a transparent distance from our most important markets in Western Europe. Thanks to the production facility launched in 2016 in Poland, we are furthermore able to meet the needs of the Eastern European market perfectly. Short transportation routes minimize energy consumption and emissions.

Energy production

It is very important to us that your (and our) green conscience is not burdened by using Rotho products. That's why we are constantly reducing CO2 emissions from our factories through the use of renewable energy. Using our own solar module plant, we currently generate about 540,000 kWh of electricity per year. This performance is steadily increasing. In addition, our state-of-the-art heat recovery plant uses the waste heat generated during production to heat our office buildings and production halls.


We use more than 4,100 photovoltaic modules in Switzerland and the upland areas of the southern Black Forest to generate energy. The total amount of electricity produced is now more than 700 MWh per year. This means electricity for about 170 four-person households and annual savings of about 375 tons of carbon dioxide (Co2).

Our goal is to continually expand the overall installation so that we will soon be able to cover a significant portion of our electricity needs from renewable sources.