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Collection: food and frozen food containers

Plastic food containers have reigned supreme in our kitchens for years. Their popularity is growing with increased awareness of healthy eating. They are also a must have in any modern apartment, where well arranged space plays a key role in the design of the entire interior. They make storing food not only extremely easy, but also have a positive impact on our well-being, for an orderly space promotes our concentration and productivity.

In addition, the statement that we also eat with our eyes has merit. By storing products properly, they stay fresh longer, and thus look nicer and more appetizing. It's worth knowing that despite the common opinion that plastic is pure evil, storage containers can be healthy and eco-friendly. If you're looking for the perfect way to organize your kitchen and take a delicious homemade lunch to work, check out the range of containers in our store.

Food containers a way to keep your fridge tidy

Food containers are unquestionably the ideal way to store food. Each of us, at least once in his life, has wondered what to do with a perpetually dirty, bad-smelling refrigerator, which takes away all appetite and enjoyment of food preparation. It turns out that the way is trivially simple - just take an interest in food storage containers.

Thanks to them, each type of food will have its own individual place. Green cucumbers, lettuce or tomato will keep their freshness and crispness much longer. In addition, nothing will dirty the shelves in the refrigerator, and when we open the refrigerator, appetizing fruits and vegetables will show up. However, not only they need special care. We have taken care of this as well. In our store you will find containers of different sizes, which you can fit to a variety of products. We also recommend special organizers for the refrigerator.

You can read more about keeping your refrigerator in order in our article: Organizing the refrigerator.

Which food containers to choose?

In our offer there are containers of different shapes and capacities. We want everyone who decides to buy containers for the kitchen to be able to choose the ones that best suit their needs. Do you want to take pre-prepared beets to work? Nothing stands in the way. A good quality food container will perfectly replace a lunchbox or breakfast box .

In the offer we focus primarily on containers made of plastic. This plastic, unlike glass, is extremely lightweight, so plastic containers will work perfectly as a breakfast box and lunchbox. Thanks to this, you can take delicious homemade food wherever you dream, and its aroma will transport you to your own kitchen in seconds. In addition, the plastic container does not accept dirt and does not absorb odors, hence you can enjoy its use for days and even years!

Types of plastic food containers

Among plastic food containers, in particular, we distinguish those that have a special airtight closure or are equipped with air circulation. Thanks to them, all products, including those that spoil easily, retain their freshness for a long time. In addition, the indicated containers are ideal for people who are opposed to wasting too much food. Storing leftovers in them becomes an excellent way to save energy, water and money. The container will make yesterday's dinner taste as delicious as it does today.

Containers for the refrigerator

There is nothing worse than coffee milk that smells like cold cuts! This is precisely why no food products should be stored in the refrigerator in open boxes. Fortunately, there is a tried and tested way to avoid such difficulties: a modern refrigerator container. Sausage and cheese, fruit, baby food or leftovers from a Sunday roast - it doesn't matter. Flavors and aromas reliably stay in their place - that is, in the food - instead of escaping into the refrigerator. Thanks to the closed containers, we also won't need to buy odor absorbers for the refrigerator equipped with special filters.

Containers for freezing

A very large role in our kitchen, in addition to containers for the refrigerator, is played by freezer boxes. They allow you to inexpensively stock up on supplies and conjure up fresh dishes in no time, even after a long day at work. In addition to a wide range of kitchen accessories for your household, Rotho offers a large selection of food storage and freezer containers in brand-name quality, so you can control the chaos in your refrigerator once and for all.

Microwaveable containers

A special category of food containers are microwave containers. With them, we can quickly and easily reheat a meal that has gone cold or reheat yesterday's dinner.

Containers for cold cuts

Sausage containers are distinguished by their shape and size. Flat containers take up little space, and modular solutions (the bottom of one container can be used as a lid for the next) save even more space. Such sausage containers can therefore be used as lunch boxes and transport different foods separately from each other. The containers are therefore very popular not only among gourmets, but also among anyone who often eats small meals on the go or at the office.

In a way, a food container is also a dog or cat food container. However, you can find food products for our pets in a separate category"food containers".

What can be stored in plastic containers?

The shape and capacity of the containers can vary. Due to this, you can store many products in them, with different sizes. In addition, due to the use of appropriate technology, the smells of sealed food do not mix, which has a positive effect on the taste of the dish or keeping the refrigerator clean. Thus, plastic containers are ideal for storage:

  1. dinner dishes,
  2. sauces,
  3. sandwiches,
  4. Salads and salads,
  5. Vegetables,
  6. fruit,
  7. eggs.

In addition, it is worth keeping loose products in plastic food boxes, which, often stored improperly, can cause kitchen moths to appear in our cabinets. In addition, such products very often spill and acquire unwanted moisture. Hence, it is also worth placing in containers:

  1. flour,
  2. porridge,
  3. rice,
  4. pasta,
  5. Sugar.

Advantages of plastic food containers

The advantages of plastic food containers are so many that we will certainly not be able to point out all of them. However, we will take up the challenge... The first and most important of them is the method of cleaning. Well, in order to make the container shine like new, all you need is water and a little dish liquid. Washing it under running water is not very labor-intensive and effective.

In addition, food containers are versatile - they can be your breakfast box, a shelf in the fridge for eggs or a great way to keep your order and your food products in good shape! In addition, they are idolized by people with small kitchens, because they maximize the use of space in the refrigerator and cabinets. Also, empty ones take up little space, as they can be freely stacked "one on top of the other".

By storing foods properly, we will extend their expiration date. Thus, we will reduce the number of spoiled food that we have to throw away in the home composter or trash garbage can. Food waste is a very big environmental problem, and (considering the rising prices of food products) also an economic one. The right food containers will make it easier to store food and help keep your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets tidy.

Are plastic containers healthy and environmentally friendly?

Did you know that plastic containers can be healthy and environmentally friendly? Proper selection of raw materials and good organization of recycling, make the production of plastic packaging less and less harmful to the environment. In addition to this, plastic packaging that is intended for food storage must meet strict quality standards in order to be approved for use. Hence, you don't have to worry about the properties of the products stored in them.

The guiding principle of our store is to care for the environment, including natural resources. Hence, when it comes to containers, we only offer products that do not contain harmful substances for health, such as bisphenol and PVC. In addition, all the containers we offer are 100% recyclable, that is, they can be recycled again without emitting poisonous gases.

If you are interested in how to make even more more effectively use the space in the refrigerator be sure to read the article on our blog: "Organization of the refrigerator"