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Collection: food containers

An increasing number of people are choosing to have a pet in their four corners. Each of us knows that pets are a huge responsibility. In addition to basic accessories such as a leash, toys or harnesses, you should get the right food container. It is the one that has a huge impact on how valuable the food will be after opening the bag or can. Each of the animals should have a strict menu that we will constantly follow. In our offer you will find food containers that will preserve all the valuable ingredients of pet food. In addition, the treats placed in them will maintain their taste qualities. Thanks to them, your friend's favorite food will always be fresh, and his joy will reward all our efforts!

Types of food storage containers

The choice of a container for storing food only on the surface may seem simple. However, before buying it, it is worth considering several important parameters that will make this choice much easier.

The food container has one of its basic tasks. Namely, the treats stored in it must maintain their freshness, because spoiled food will not only not taste good to our pets, but can also lead to digestive problems . Therefore, the way food is stored is so important. Food containers are characterized primarily by what kind of food can be stored in them. In our store you can find containers for dry food and wet food.

Dry food storage container

A dry food container must have an airtight seal, which will protect the food from spoilage. In addition, a good container for dry dog food will allow you to store dry food for up to several weeks, without compromising its value! An interesting solution in this case is a container equipped with wheels, which will make moving it trivially easy.

Wet food storage container

The second option from the category of dog food containers is a container for wet food. When choosing it, consider products that are easy to clean and prevent the smell of food from spreading throughout the house. It is worth knowing that in the situation of leaving a little dog or cat food in the container, later inserted dog food can spoil much faster. The container for wet food must also be airtight. Remember that storing cat food in the original cans can lead to a loss of taste, smell and valuable nutritional value.

How to choose the right size container?

If you already have a food container added to your shopping cart in the online store, before clicking the magic , "buy", let's first consider what capacity the product should have to serve its purpose. In the case of dogs, the breed of the dog should be taken into account. It is the size of the dog that is the determinant of its size, which is followed by the appropriate capacity of the food container. It is logical that the larger the dog, the greater its nutritional requirements, so the sealed food container must be the right size. The most popular sizes of dry dog food containers are: 10, 15 and 20 kilograms.

What kind of food container should I choose for my cat?

The cat is a representative of a unique group of animals. His individualism and often capricious behavior also translate into food. Cat food must be fresh, and its smell should be pleasant and inviting to eat. When choosing a food product, we should follow the same principle as for dogs. The most important thing is to distinguish which treats we want to store in the container. Products for storing wet and dry food must be airtight. It is extremely important to keep all containers clean at all times, and to fill them regularly. The container for cat food does not need to be very capacious, cats eat less than dogs derived from large breeds.

Why is a plastic container the best?

Our store cares not only about customers, but also about their pets. Our specialists undergo regular training, which allows us to offer the highest quality products. In our offer you will find a leak-proof food container for your friend, which is a durable and convenient solution for owners of pets kept at home. The container made of plastic is sure to last for many years. Their remarkable advantage is the assurance of preserving the taste and quality of pet food, as they are equipped with an airtight seal. In addition, their washing is very easy, which affects the preservation of proper sterility of the container. In addition, the container for treats is made of plastic of the highest quality, which is 100% safe for animal health and recyclable.

Three tips for feed and storage

Taking care of the quality of your pet's food, we will briefly introduce you to the three most important rules of food, which will certainly come in handy when caring for your pet.

  1. Do not put dry food in the refrigerator. Not only will it get damp and not taste good to your pet, it may lose its valuable properties. Store dry food at room temperature in a tightly sealed container. For wet food, put it in the refrigerator, but not for more than 48 hours after opening.
  2. Regardless of what you end up storing dry food in, be sure to keep it in a dry and dark place.
  3. After opening a bag of dry food, use it up within 3-4 weeks. Don't buy too much just to avoid wasting it.

Remember that a dog and cat is a responsibility. While taking care of his mood and buying him toys, also pay attention to a balanced menu and the right food. Depending on the age of your pet, choose the right food to provide it with the necessary micronutrients required for its proper development. When it comes to food, taste is also very important. Therefore, invest in the right container. Big, appreciative eyes will surely reward you for your efforts, and your pet will enjoy good health for a long time!