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Collection: Waste bins

Waste bins are undeniably an integral part of any modern home. They are useful for collecting rubbish and helping to organise waste. Not only do they play an important role in recycling, but they also ensure that our home is hygienic and tidy. Lids for rubbish bins not only provide effective protection against unpleasant odours. Thanks to them, we protect food leftovers from unwanted insects and insects such as ants and midges.

Waste separation bins

Everyone probably knows about the importance of trash recycling. It is because we put the garbage from our home into the appropriate container that separation and recycling facilities can reprocess it. Thanks to the introduction of separate trash garbage cans and containers, recycling garbage at a further stage makes it possible to obtain substances or materials from it for its original use, or for another purpose. In other words, trash garbage cans to reduce the amount of garbage that causes environmental pollution. They are useful for collecting waste and reducing the amount of trash in the home. It is at the stage of a suitable trash garbage can that we begin the process of separating trash. Colorful segregation bins will definitely make it easier for us. After all, it only takes one glance to intuitively locate a garbage can for paper or bottles.

Proper segregation of garbage makes it easier to organize its collection and later disposal. The average Pole produces as much as 346 kg of garbage per year (data from 2020). With proper garbage cans that separate plastics and plastic from paper, bottles and organic waste, we can stagger trash collection (or simply emptying the trash garbage can) according to our needs. This is the reason why it makes sense to choose the right waste garbage cans for your home.

Waste basket with lid

One of the most problematic (at the garbage separation stage) types of waste is organic garbage. These are usually the ones that mobilize us to empty the garbage garbage can frequently. Food leftovers that end up in such a bin can begin to decompose quickly. Unfortunately, this is associated with an unpleasant odor, which can be frustrating for many people. It's also not insignificant that the odor coming from our trash can be attractive to various types of moths or ants. All it takes is for them to smell the abundant food richness of the trashcan and the fruit residue inside for them to take up residence in our apartment for an extended period of time.

The solution to this problem is to empty the organic waste garbage can frequently (in the case of a home, this is further facilitated by a composter) and a suitable lid. Trash garbage cans with a lid can effectively stop the unpleasant smell of decomposing waste and food scraps. Moreover, many trash garbage cans are equipped with an additional carbon filter responsible for neutralizing this odor. Thus, the right trash garbage can not only protects us from insects, but also increases the level of hygiene in our home. This solution also reduces the need for plastic garbage bags.

Containers with different capacities

Rotho trash garbage can will work well in any room. In our assortment you will find baskets of different capacities. Thus, you will easily find one that will fit in the cabinet under the sink, or a large one that will enable sorting and can serve as a place to segregate waste from the whole week. The smallest model has a capacity of just 5 liters, while the largest containers have up to 120 liters of capacity.

Material for waste bins

When it comes to trash segregation, the material of trash cans is not insignificant. Food leftovers that leave traces inside the garbage can, or a garbage can that itself starts to smell like its contents, encourage us not to empty the trash garbage can, but to throw it away with its contents. That's why the durable and long-lasting material from which trash garbage cans are made is important. Good quality material also guarantees us that after a few years we won't have to go to the store and re-purchase a new trashcan.

Trash garbage cans made of plastic also have an important advantage over other containers (such as those made of stainless steel). They are extremely lightweight. Thanks to this, even a trash garbage can filled to the brim will be able to be carried without much difficulty to the nearest waste segregation container or home composter.

Ideal garbage cans for glass bottles

A garbage can made of plastic will also work well as a container for glass containers and jars. For all the containers or glass containers we throw away, it is a good idea to remove the lid before placing them in the garbage can. Unfortunately, this usually results in the bottom of the garbage can getting dirty with food residue. Fortunately, this plastic is extremely easy to clean. The use of appropriate materials makes it easier to keep clean and helps over hygiene.

Coloured rubbish bins

An additional advantage of the recycling bins made of plastic is their colours. Plastic is not only a durable material, but also very colourful. As a result, our waste baskets can be produced not only in the standard colours associated with waste segregation, i.e. blue, yellow, green and brown, but also in colours that we choose and that will suit our interior better. In this way, the waste bin can not only be a necessary accessory, but also a decoration for the home.

Outdoor waste separation garbage cans

In Rotho's offer you will find various types of garbage cans including classic buckets and outdoor garbage cans. A good outdoor garbage can will not only enable us to segregate waste, but will also work well as a container for garbage, mowed grass or as a simple container for storing things, making it easier to organize the space.

For outdoor garbage cans, consider models equipped with a lid and metal fasteners. They protect from not only odors, but also from visitors in the form of animals.