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Collection: laundry baskets

The laundry basket is one of the items that is found in every home. Although it is often not given much attention when arranging an apartment, it eventually proves to be an essential element in both the use and design of the bathroom. Regardless of the size of the laundry room, its location or shape, a laundry basket is a must-have item. Laundry baskets should first and foremost fulfill their primary function, but it turns out that they are malleable enough to be used in a different way, such as a box for storing toys in a child's room.

Certainly, the offer of baskets for dirty laundry is so large that it is difficult to decide on the only one. Especially if they are distinguished by interesting shapes, colors or material of manufacture. So how to choose the right laundry basket? If you want to make the use of your bathroom a sheer pleasure, and associate the activity of washing only with positive emotions, take a look at our offer, and especially look at the bins designed for storing dirty clothes!

How to choose the perfect dirty laundry basket?

We already know that shopping at our store can make doing laundry significantly easier. Who among us would not like to have a laundry basket in their bathroom, which not only protects our favorite clothes from moisture, but also completes the bathroom with a practical and interesting solution?

Ultimately, what kind of basket we decide on is entirely up to us. First of all, what matters here is your personal preference for the functionality of the container, as well as its appearance. If you personally can't decide on the right model, you can get additional information from Our Specialists, who will certainly help you decide on a specific variant.

Specific tips can also help us in our decision. It is worth considering at the outset what role the basket will play in our apartment. Everyone knows that its basic functions are: storing dirty clothes, protecting the bathroom from bad smells, and protecting clothes from dust and moisture. You could say that a laundry basket is a filter that will help us separate our favorite clothes from unwanted factors. In addition to this, baskets can play the role of other products, but we will talk about this in more detail in the next paragraph.

Returning to the decision to purchase a laundry basket, it is worth considering the design of the entire apartment when choosing it. In the case of a bathroom, special attention should be paid to the color of the tiles or other accessories. If you use furniture with glossy fronts, the best solution will be to choose a basket in the same style. In addition, it should be remembered that the basket is, first of all, a practical solution, hence their location in relation to the washing machine is important. After all, using it must be convenient and comfortable, so you need to leave enough space in the bathroom to place it.

Alternative uses for laundry baskets

As we mentioned above laundry baskets are not only containers for dirty clothes. In addition to the laundry room, we can also place it in a child's room, bedroom or dressing room. A child's room is often a repository of various things, including plush toys or Lego blocks. In this situation, baskets can act as containers for storing various products. They can serve as containers for holding underwear or socks, and also as furniture - more precisely, as an additional shelf in our closet. Setting a basket in a place other than the bathroom can be an ideal help in keeping the room tidy. That's why it's worth considering it when we plan the decor of the entire apartment.

As you can see, laundry bags can play an important role in the decor of almost any room. We can find additional ideas and inspiration for the use of laundry baskets on the Internet, thematic blogs or services dedicated to interior design.

Wicker laundry baskets or plastic baskets?

Our store offers a wide range of laundry baskets. Despite the fact that there are bags made of various materials on the market, we opt for plastic. Why? Because we care not only about the functionality of our products, but also their safety. We know that many people choose baskets made of wood or wicker because they think it is an ecological solution. However, it turns out that storing clothes in a plastic basket can be just as eco!

Imagine a combination of ecology, easy cleaning and interesting design.... possible only during commercials? No! Laundry baskets made of plastic are a hybrid of all this because their biggest advantage is the ease of cleaning. To wash them, all you need is water and a few drops of detergent. Dust, dust and other dirt are trivial to remove, unlike baskets made of other raw materials. In addition, accessories made of plastic come in many colors and sizes. They are also durable, and daily use does not adversely affect their appearance.

Laundry baskets made of plastic are 100% recyclable, so setting up an account in our store and later purchasing a basket is not only a solution to make your life easier, but also to take care of the environment.

What about an irregularly shaped bathroom?

Many of our customers have a problem in selecting a basket for a bathroom with an irregular shape or small area. In this case, too, we offer our help. Our Specialists will help you turn even a small room into a quite practical laundry room. First of all, you should start with the fact that properly spaced furniture in the bathroom will allow you to place a basket of quite considerable size. Narrow bins are also an interesting solution, which are small in size, allowing you to place them in even the narrowest corner of our bathroom.

Laundry baskets vs laundry baskets - find the difference

Laundry baskets and laundry bas kets are the same products for most users. Is this true? Definitely no. Certainly, they are items that have many common features and can perform the same function. However, they differ in the basic way they are used. Laundry baskets are containers used to store dirty clothes that are waiting in line for the washing machine. A laundry basket is, by definition, a product that can help us with laundry. Of course, we can store dirty laundry in it. In addition, they are containers that, unlike laundry baskets, can be used, for example, to carry freshly washed items from the laundry room to the balcony.

In our offer you will find both laundry baskets and laundry baskets in many colors and shapes. Remember that when you decide to buy a basket from our service, you are betting on ecology, safety and high quality.