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Collection: laundry baskets

When arranging our apartment, we mainly focus on the essential furnishings. However, there are details to which we do not pay attention, but unprecedentedly should. They are often the basic furnishings of any apartment. One such element that is often overlooked in the first phase of interior design is laundry baskets. No matter what size the laundry room is, laundry bins must be in it. Laundry baskets must not only be functional and practical, but at the same time they should match the whole atmosphere of the apartment. The choice of baskets designed for dirty clothes is huge. Laundry baskets can be produced from different materials, have fancy shapes, and also stand out with their color. Plastic is predominant in our bathrooms, but both doing laundry and storing clothes in containers can be eco - just choose our baskets, which are made of plastic that does not contain harmful substances for health, such as bisphenol and PVC, and are recyclable!

If you want your apartment to be cohesive as well as orderly, take a look at the range of practical baskets in our store.

How to choose the perfect container for dirty laundry?

Our store offers a wide range of textiles, including baskets for laundry and dirty linen. What kind of basket for dirty clothes you decide on, really depends only on your personal preferences. Still can't decide on a specific model? Our specialists are here to help and will certainly help you choose a specific solution.

However, it is worth taking into account several aspects that can accelerate our decision. So, from the beginning... First of all, do not forget that the primary function of the basket in the case of the bathroom is:

  • storage of dirty clothes,

  • Protecting our bathroom from odors,

  • protecting clothes from moisture.

However, a dirty laundry basket can also serve another function, especially if you decide to place it in a child's room. Everyone knows that a child's room is a fortress full of teddy bears, markers or sand brought from the nearby playground. In this case, the basket will be a great solution for storing toys.

However, returning to the topic of choosing the right basket to keep things in order, it is worth considering the decor of the entire apartment. Thus, for example, if the rest of the room has furniture made of wood or lacquered board, it is also worth considering a basket made of similar raw materials. In addition, it should be remembered that the basket should be easy to use, hence its location in the bathroom should be matched to the setting of the washing machine, so that using it is, as comfortable as possible.

Use of the laundry basket

A basket for dirty clothes and linen does not necessarily have to function only as a laundry basket located in the bathroom. As we mentioned above, it is also an excellent solution for storing various products. Due to its size, it can also serve as a container for holding socks or underwear in our dressing room. Setting it outside the bathroom - for example, in the bedroom will allow us to keep our space in order. Hence, it is worth taking this into account in the arrangement of our bedrooms. In this case, a bag, which is made of fabric, will be ideal. Bags, are products that are very roomy and easy to keep clean.

As you can see, the dirty laundry basket does not have only one use. Inspiration and ideas for its alternative use can easily be found on the Internet.

Wicker baskets or plastic baskets?

We offer baskets made of plastic. Why such a choice? We realize that many of us choose classic solutions, i.e. baskets made of ecological materials. However, accessories made of plastic ultimately prove to be a better solution. Their biggest advantage is the ease of keeping them clean. With water and a few drops of detergent, we are able to clean laundry baskets at the speed of light . Rinsing off dust and any dirt turns out to be trivial, unlike baskets made of wicker. In the case of the latter, you need to be more diligent and choose the right cleaning products so as not to damage them. In addition, plastic baskets please the eye longer with their impeccable appearance.

In addition, the laundry baskets are made of 100% recyclable materials. Remember that by choosing a laundry basket from our offer, you will not only take care of the neat appearance of your premises, but also the surrounding environment.

Built-in baskets

In the wide range of laundry baskets we can distinguish built-in garbage cans. A laundry basket in a cabinet can be an ideal solution for people who do not want to expose their dirty clothes to view. Such accessories can relieve the burden on a small bathroom in a block of flats. They can also serve as an additional cabinet in our closet.

What kind of basket for a bathroom of small size?

Specialists in our store often receive the question: what to do in the case of a small bathroom? Actually, for most of us it can be problematic. However, not for us! We are not afraid of bathrooms, measuring 3m2 because any small room can be turned into a laundry room with a real event. Properly arranged furniture in the bathroom will allow you to place even 2 baskets for laundry (well, let's not is enough, but the offer in our store positively affects our imagination). So what to do in a situation when the parameters of our bathroom do not even allow to turn in place? Custom laundry baskets may prove indispensable in this state of affairs. Narrow laundry bins used to be difficult to find. Today we can easily find such products. Thanks to their slim shapes, we can easily fit them between the wall and the washing machine. And what if we accept slim things only when choosing a new shirt? Let's put the basket under the sink or, as mentioned, decide to move it to the bedroom or dressing room.

Our offer includes baskets of different shapes, colors and features. We want every customer visiting our site to be able to purchase a basket that suits their needs and aesthetics. In our offer we focus primarily on high-quality products, so that they positively affect the decor and serve for many years without changing their appearance. In a situation where you want to ask us a question about a particular model, just click the appropriate button on our site.