Finally put your wardrobe in order - The 8 step plan

Organize your closet and store your clothes properly

Is your closet bursting at the seams? You probably know the situation: you have so many choices that you don't know what to wear today, let alone what clothes you own. Now is the right time to change that, as we swap warm clothes for more airy ones in the transition between winter and summer.

With this 8-step plan, the chaos will finally disappear from your closet:

Organization of cleanup
Organization of cleanup

Plan your organizational system

Before you start organizing your closet, consider what you want your organizational system to look like. Why do you need a system? Only if you know exactly where you keep each garment will you be able to find it even if you have little time in the morning before work. Think about where you can store more clothes:

  • Clothes you wear regularly
  • Clothes you rarely use
  • New clothes that you really want to wear
  • Clothes that you have already worn, but want to wear again before they go into the wash
  • New shoes and frequently worn boots
  • Rarely worn shoes

Do you share a closet with a partner or family member? Then consider how best to divide your closet into pieces for each person. Also ask yourself if you want to sort clothes by specific categories, for example, by color, type or occasion.

Clothing safety
Clothing safety

Prepare clothing

Have you been thinking about a system that perfectly suits your living conditions? Now is the time to prepare your clothes. First, put clothes that you haven't washed in a long time into the washing machine. Dirty clothes quickly transfer their smell to other items. Then you can start folding them or hanging them on hangers. You should also clean your shoes before putting them away. By the way, unpleasant odors can be removed by putting tea bags in the shoes. If you want to store clothes or shoes in boxes, for example, because you don't need them on a daily basis, always label the boxes. This way you can tell at a glance whether the clothes are for winter, sports or rainy weather.

Segregating things
Segregating things

Proper storage of clothes

Now it's time to sort the clothes. At this stage, be very careful and stick to the planned system, so that chaos does not immediately erupt. Follow these tips and you'll definitely manage to keep things in order:

  • Store clothes that you use frequently at eye level. That way you won't have to constantly reach on the top shelf or rummage through the bottom drawers.
  • For clothes that wrinkle easily, hang them on a hanger, leaving enough space between each garment.
  • Do you keep your underwear and socks in a large drawer? Then use boxes to divide the drawer into individual compartments.
  • Do you have a lot of clothes that you can only wear for one season? To have a little more space in your closet, you can use boxes to store unused clothes under the bed, in the basement or in the attic.
Hiding seasonal items
Hiding seasonal items

Protect your clothes

Although clothes are now nicely organized, they are not fully protected.
A big problem with clothes that you don't use regularly is dust. For shoes and clothes that can be folded, resealable boxes are a good way to protect them from dust. Evening gowns and suits are best stored in garment bags.
Lockable boxes not only protect against house dust, but also against odors and moths. Of course, you can't store all your everyday clothes this way. That's why it's a good idea to hang small bags of lavender, which will give your clothes a pleasant smell and prevent small moth holes.
Do you store clothes from other seasons in the basement or attic? Here, in addition to the dangers of insects, dust and unpleasant odors, there is also high humidity, which can cause clothes to mold. Therefore, make sure the boxes have a tight-fitting lid: For example, use boxes with a rubber seal, as they can be closed completely tightly.

Order in the closet
Order in the closet

Check your clothes from time to time

Do you have ten minutes of free time? Then take a look in your closet or stored clothes and check the following points:

  • Are there any clothes you no longer wear?
  • Are all the components in the right place?
  • Do you find clothes you've forgotten about but would like to wear again?
  • Do you have to wash or iron certain clothes because you can't wear them as they are?
Tidy up your closet and clothes
Tidy up your closet and clothes

Regularly organize your clothes

After some time you realize that the chosen organizational system is not for you? No problem, all you have to do is readjust it to suit your needs. The ideal time to do this is between winter and summer, when you need to put stored clothes back into the closet.
To speed up this activity as much as possible, you can use a practical organizational system. Instead of accumulating all your clothes in one big box, sort them by category into different boxes and label them accordingly. At the beginning of the season, you can remove the piles of clothes from the boxes and put them back in the closet.

Tidying up your closet
Tidying up your closet

Find clothing at any time

Stored clothes
When you pull last season's clothes out of the basement, you are often surprised to find that you have completely forgotten which items you own. In order not to accidentally buy everything twice, you should do an overview of your stored clothes. The best way to do this is to use transparent and labeled storage boxes.

In the closet
Even a closet can quickly become a jungle full of surprises. You've already taken the first step toward overcoming chaos by sorting by category.
A little tip to further speed up getting dressed early in the morning: on Sunday evening, prepare your outfits for the whole next week. You can also do this every evening for the whole next day. You'll notice how much time you suddenly have in the morning before work.

Tidying up your closet
Tidying up your closet

Find the perfect solution for your daily life

You can plan and organize as much as you want, but in everyday life your organization can suddenly become completely impractical. Do you always need a chair to reach for your clothes? Then move those clothes to eye level. Other shirts fall out of the drawer when you only want to pull one out? Just hang the shirts on hangers.
There is a solution for every problem. So don't lose patience, but always adapt your closet to your living situation.