Storing spices in the kitchen - top tips

Curry, pepper, rosemary, etc. - Spices and herbs in all colors, shapes and flavors can cause real chaos in the kitchen. With proper storage, you not only save space, time and money, but also ensure that your homemade food tastes even better.


Why proper storage of spices is important

Spices have one task: to ensure that the food we prepare tastes right. However, if they are stored incorrectly, they begin to systematically lose their qualities. With too much heat, moisture and light, they lose their color and aroma. Therefore, storing spices above or next to the oven is not always beneficial. But as we know, we also eat with our eyes. Proper storage of spices therefore also means creating order. Because if we're honest, cooking in an organized kitchen is twice as much fun. Proper storage of sp ices also saves time, money and space.

How to store spices?

Ideas for storing spices can be many. However, the priority,
so to speak, the basis of storing spices is to preserve their flavor. After all, this is why we add spices to our meals, so that our final dish tastes good to everyone in the house. Therefore, these three rules should always be followed in any kitchen:

3 rules for storing herbs and spices

Tight seal:

Spices should be sealed tightly. For example, spice jars or cans with rubber seals are suitable. You can also use glass jars. If you don't want to overstuff the spices, you can use clips to close the bags. Products protected in this way should resist moisture and weathering.

Why should you store spices in airtight jars and boxes? There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, the precious aroma that ultimately gives flavor to dishes should not fade over time. In other words, spices do not fade. On the other hand, practical containers will much better protect our expensive spices from pests and moisture. Moreover, proper boxes are much more durable than any bags.

Keep it dark:

Light is a real problem for spices and herbs. Therefore, they should always be stored in opaque cans or in a cabinet or drawer. No light, whether sunlight or artificial light, is favorable for spices. When exposed to light, stored herbs in the kitchen lose their color and fragrance, which means that dishes will be less bright in appearance and less rich in flavor.

Despite the fact that a spice organizer here or a spice rack will look nice on the countertop in our home, we should opt for darker places in our kitchen. A practical solution, for example, will be to isolate a special drawer in which you will store spices.

Separate jars for spices:

If you should follow one rule, it's this: never store open sachets of spices in a common container. Spices quickly release their aroma into the environment and easily absorb foreign odors if they are not properly sealed. Therefore, always keep them separate from each other.

Separate spice containers or small jars are also great for protecting our herbs from moisture. Moist spices stick together in a lump, lose their flavor and, worst of all, can become a breeding ground for mold and harmful microorganisms.

Shelf life: how long can spices be stored?

Most dried spices have a shelf life of one to three years. Whole spices, that is, those that are neither ground nor chopped, can be stored longer. So a good solution is to buy whole spices. Then we can grind them only when we need them. Regardless of the type, spices must always be stored in a dark, dry place. They should also be tightly sealed. Always pay attention to the expiration date, regularly review your collection and check if the appearance, smell or taste has changed.

Plastic spice containers or glass jars - which to choose?

When choosing containers for storing spices, we should first of all pay attention to 2 features - the containers should be airtight and opaque. It is because of the latter feature that plastic containers for spices will work much better in our kitchen than glass containers. Sunlight is one of the main factors that have a negative effect on our herbs. Made of plastic, the containers will protect our herbs like no one else.

If you already choose to keep your spices in plastic boxes, make sure they are free of harmful substances such as BPA. Only containers made of high-quality plastic are completely safe.

However, remember that whether you use glass, cans or even the original packaging is entirely up to you. After all, storing spices in the kitchen should be comfortable and convenient.

Some ideas for storing spices - inspiration

plastic containers:

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It doesn't matter whether the jars for
spices are made of metal or plastic. Glass jars or original packaging - you need the right system in your kitchen to quickly find the right spice and keep things organized after cooking. There are, of course, various options:

Storing spices
Storing spices

A cabinet or drawer for spices:

If this place is not close to the oven, and is well protected from moisture, you have found the perfect solution. Of course, the inside of the spice cabinet should also look neat. It's best to use uniform cans and label them with a pen or stick the appropriate markings so that you can quickly find the right spice while cooking.

In place of glass jars and spice containers, you can use a practical drawer organizer with its numerous compartments. Thanks to it, you will bring much more order to your bags and containers, and you will find your favorite herbs in seconds. Good organization of a cabinet or drawer makes your kitchen a more comfortable place, where you always have everything at hand.

Special shelves on the wall:

With a special shelf on the wall, you can have several containers of your favorite herbs at your fingertips. What's more, it saves you a lot of countertop space.

Spice racks:

Do you prefer an open spice rack standing on the countertop? Then make sure you use spice jars that are not transparent and protect spices from light. It is especially important to use uniform containers. This will make the rack really neat.


Modern space organization systems will help us organize the interior of our kitchen in virtually any way we want. Bags, containers and jars - kitchen solutions for storing products and spices in your home are really many. So decide on one that will work best in the case of your kitchen.