Refrigerator organization - how to arrange things in the refrigerator

Probably everyone has encountered a situation when, due to the disorder in the refrigerator, certain food products got hidden in it. Forgotten by the household members, they lived to their expiration date and ended up in the home compost heap or trash garbage can. To prevent such a situation, it is worth taking care of proper organization of the refrigerator. Proper arrangement of food products in the refrigerator, not only increases its transparency, but also allows you to store vegetables, fruits, cheese and cold cuts much longer.

arrangement of products in the refrigerator
arrangement of products in the refrigerator

Order in the refrigerator: how to clean it?

Before starting a new order in the refrigerator, it should start with cleaning it. The refrigerator should be cleaned at least once every three to four months. This ensures that germs do not multiply and the refrigerator is not a source of unpleasant odors.

To clean the refrigerator, you can use ordinary vinegar and water. Both products will remove unpleasant odor and perfectly clean the interior of the refrigerator. To remove stronger dirt, just use household cleaners.

Once a year, it's a good idea to carve out a little extra time to clean the freezer. Empty the refrigerator of all garbage cans. Remove the drawers, take everything off the shelves, and clean the refrigerator and freezer of water and lingering ice. With the interior cleaned up like this, you can start arranging products on the shelves.

How to stack things in the refrigerator

Good organization of the refrigerator is not only about order and cleanliness. Different foods require different temperatures. Remember that each shelf has a slightly different temperature. Vegetables and fruits should therefore be placed in different places than meat, cheese or cold cuts, for example.

Top shelf in the refrigerator

The top shelf is perfect for storing all kinds of dairy products. You can put cheese, cottage cheese, white cheese and yogurts there. It's also a safe place to keep all kinds of jams.

Middle shelf in the refrigerator

This area is ideal for yellow cheese and sausages. This area usually has a temperature between 3°C and 7°C. It is best to enrich this space with additional food storage containers. They will help keep things tidy , pile up different types of products and prevent odors from permeating. Food containers are also a good solution for holding already prepared food. We can put soups, pasta dishes or vegetable dishes in them

Lower shelf in the refrigerator

If you're looking for the coolest temperature in the refrigerator, you'll find it on the bottom shelf. This is a great place for various meats and fish. In general, the temperature there is about 2° Celsius. This prolongs the freshness of these products.

Usually in this space of the refrigerator you will also find additional baskets and containers for vegetables and fruits. While meat, cheese and fish should be kept in closed and airtight food containers, fruits and vegetables need to be arranged in boxes or baskets that allow air circulation

Side shelves of the refrigerator

The side shelves located on the refrigerator door are used to store things like jars of preserves, mustard, ketchup. In their lower part there is usually a place for milk and juices and water that we want to refrigerate. On the door of the refrigerator we can place a container for eggs and a butter dish or container for butter. The temperature that prevails here is about 10°C.

refrigerated storage
refrigerated storage

Practical tips for refrigerator storage

A food basket and garbage can is one of the best options to help us keep our refrigerator organized. It is aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. With them we can easily pack all our food. When stored in boxes, it prevents odors from mixing and helps store dried products.

Refrigerator organization - what to store food in?

As we have already mentioned, food products should in the right place in the refrigerator. The choice of containers for the refrigerator is also important. It would be good if they were transparent. This way we can easily and quickly verify their contents. It is also worth paying attention to what our containers are made of. Not every plastic is suitable for storing food in the refrigerator. Rotho brand has prepared special food containers that are designed for contact with food. They do not react in any way and are safe for our health. Thus, in our store you will find:

  • Containers for freezing
  • Microwaveable containers
  • Containers for cold cuts

It is also worth paying attention to the butter dish. Storing butter in a butter dish or special butter container will give us convenient access. We can also consider storing butter in water.

Proper storage in the refrigerator helps preserve freshness. The best container for meat, fish or cheese should have an airtight lid. This will extend their shelf life and prevent odors from permeating. You can put other products in a convenient refrigerator organizer

Why is proper refrigerator organization important?

Organization of the refrigerator, proper arrangement of things in the refrigerator on the right shelves, use of baskets for fruits and vegetables, properly selected food boxes, breakfast boxes and lunchboxes will make all the food stay fresh much longer. Having a tidy refrigerator will mean that all you have to do is open its door and all stored food will be in its place and easily accessible. Proper organization of the refrigerator also means less production of leftovers, which then fill our household composter or trash garbage can.

FAQ - questions and answers

Especially for you, our store has prepared short answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How to wash the refrigerator?

To wash the refrigerator, you can use a solution of vinegar and water. This will effectively get rid of unpleasant odor and remove dirt.

What is the correct temperature in the refrigerator?

In the refrigerator, the temperature should be between in the range of 0 and 5 degrees Celsius.
On the upper shelves it can reach 7 degrees Celsius.

Where is the coldest in the refrigerator?

The lowest temperature in the refrigerator is on the bottom shelf, which is often above the baskets for fruits and vegetables.

Which containers for the refrigerator should I choose?

Food boxes should be made of safe plastic that does not react with food. Depending on the products, they can be open or tightly sealed. It is important that they are easy to clean. Organizers for the refrigerator should be transparent or translucent, so you can easily check their contents.